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    1. Introduction

    2. The economy, in brief

    3. Reasons to rethink the fashion system

    4. Watch | Nikissi Serumaga, Vintage or Violence, Uganda

    5. Read | Debt, wage theft and coercion drive the global garment industry – the only answer is collective action

    6. Read | An overview of the contribution of the textiles sector to climate change

    1. Introduction

    2. Watch | Explainer about the wellbeing economy

    3. Read | Green growth or degrowth: what is the right way to tackle climate change?

    1. Introduction

    2. Watch | Fashion, the growth logic, the craft of use and other stories of change, a talk by Kate Fletcher

    3. Watch | Conversations for Change with Bel Jacobs

    4. Watch | Josephine Philips and her simple solution to fast fashion

    5. Watch | designer Amy Powney on how to fix fashion and protect the planet

    6. The wellbeing economy toolkit

About this course

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"Slowing down is about lingering in the places we are not used to. Seeking out new questions."

Bayo Akomolafe